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[Linrad] Re: Vista and Windows 7.

Hello Stan,

> This might be a related issue? On 1 of my Linrad systems I am 
> having audio drop out and DA sync error. The system is Perseus 
> and Winows XP service pack 3. The computer is an Intel Quad core. 
> The sound card is Creative Sound Blaster PCI.

Probably not. With the Perseus you can easily run out of CPU time,
particularly when sampling at 2 MHz.

Use 'T' and look at the timing for the different threads. Use
Linrad-03.07 which has more reliable thread timing than previous 
versions. If some thread runs near 100% it may not deliver data
in time and that would cause drop outs and DA sync errors.

Some day I will add error messages to warn about bad parameter 
settings when thread times become too large........


Leif / SM5BSZ

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