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[Linrad] Re: Vista and Windows 7.

Hello Stan,

> So, Windows will not work properly with PCI or PCIe soundcards or the 
> mother board sound.
What I have found is that motherboards that have both PCI and PCIe
slots do not work properly with PCI cards with any version of Windows.

I do not know whether PCIe cards work, but the motherboard device
works well at 96 kHz on the D5400XS (which does not work with
the Delta44.)

> How about the firewire FA-66 (4 channel) and the USB EMU 0202   ?
I would guess that the problem is with PCI only, but I do not know.

> Looks like I need to dust off my Linux hat for the WSE and Delta-44 
> combination.
Or you could use XP on an older PC without PCIe slots:-)


   Leif / SM5BSZ

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