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[Linrad] Re: Vista and Windows 7.

Hello Leif,

This might be a related issue? On 1 of my Linrad systems I am having audio drop out and DA sync error. The system is Perseus and Winows XP service pack 3. The computer is an Intel Quad core. The sound card is Creative Sound Blaster PCI.

Thanks Stan

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Subject: [Linrad] Re: Vista and Windows 7.

Hello Leif,

I appreciate the update.
You have provided important answers that have been haunting me for months.

> My conclusion is the following: Do not use Linrad with soundcards
> on computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Errors are easily
> seen if a single very strong signal is present at the input.
> Errors also manifest themselves as a somewhat too low sampling speed.

So, Windows will not work properly with PCI or PCIe soundcards or the
mother board sound.

How about the firewire FA-66 (4 channel) and the USB EMU 0202 ?

Looks like I need to dust off my Linux hat for the WSE and Delta-44

Thanks Stan, W1LE Cape Cod FN41sr

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