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[Linrad] Re: sound card reccommendation

Hi Dave,

> I am using a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card in my system.   It's 
> playback specs are: 24-Bit/96kHz 7.1, whatever that means.
> Could I improve my Linrad performance by upgrading the sound card?
> I am using an SDR-14 SDR to feed the computer. I am looking at the 144 
> mhz output of my microwave transverters. I have a 144 mhz bandpass 
> filter and LNA ahead of the Direct input of the SDR-14. I have yet to 
> get the linrad system to see signals that I cannot hear on my receiver. 
> I am wondering if the sound card might be the reason.
NO. Any soundcard will be far more than adequate:-)

Soundcards may differ in the time delay they add, but they all have
a dynamic range that is far better than required for weak signal work.

If you can not see signals that you can not copy, the reason is that 
you did not select parameters in Linrad for that purpose.

Firstly, you should set the bandwidth of fft1 or fft2 to match the inherent
bandwidth of what you are looking for. (CW, JT. whatevewr)

Then you have to set the waterfall slow enough to make averaging work
properly. At least 10 averages, maybe more. I know I wrote quite a bit about 
these matters, bur I do not remember where.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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