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[Linrad] success


After years of trying, I finally got my LINRAD setup to see and decode 
signals that are much weaker than I can hear on my receiver. I wish I 
could tell you what I did that made the difference, but I cannot. I just 
kept putting in different values for the various parameters. I used some 
guidelines from an old printout of VK2DU's setup.  BTW--I cannot bring 
up VK2DU's website any longer. I think it is gone now.

Now that I have it working, I would like to make some fine adjustments 
in the parameters to see if I can improve it. I do have one problem. The 
decoded audio has a periodic clicking sound in it. I would like to 
eliminate that, if possible.

However, the problem is when I bring up the screen to set the 
parameters, it doesn't show what values are presently installed. It does 
indicate default values.

Other than writing down every value I install, how may I find a records 
of what these values are?  As it stands now, I am afraid to do anything 
for fear that I will mess things up again and can't get it to work!

So, in summary: 1) how can I fine the present value of the parameters 
and 2) how to fix the clicking sound in the demodulated audio.


Dave, K4TO

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