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[Linrad] Re: sound card reccommendation

PS--the record specs are also 24 bit-96khz...

Dave Sublette wrote:
> Hello to all.
> I am using a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card in my system.   It's 
> playback specs are: 24-Bit/96kHz 7.1, whatever that means.
> Could I improve my Linrad performance by upgrading the sound card?
> I am using an SDR-14 SDR to feed the computer. I am looking at the 144 
> mhz output of my microwave transverters. I have a 144 mhz bandpass 
> filter and LNA ahead of the Direct input of the SDR-14. I have yet to 
> get the linrad system to see signals that I cannot hear on my receiver. 
> I am wondering if the sound card might be the reason.
> Thanks,
> Dave, K4TO
> > 

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