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[Linrad] Linrad, MAP65, Windows XP, MAP65 I-Q, Firewall exceptrions

Hello Joe, Leif , and All.

Real happy to report to have figured the solution of
my problem. with the 2 computer setup

Once you know it is simple, as is often the case!.

From the beginning of my efforts with the 2 computer
installation I ran in the problem that I was unable with
Linrad and its data stream to get into the MAP65
computer.No matter wha.t
The 2 computer were working on the WIFI Home network
in the house and every computer on the local network
could :see the others and data and file exchanges were
possible as it should be.

The Linrad machine would transmit over the cross over cable
after I had learned from this reflector and its users how to inform
Linrad about the MAP65 computer IP with the par_netsend_ip
and after toggling Linrad into data transfer, MAP65 refused to accept
data,  wahtever I tried or try to learn from others.

After time It became  clear to me that when I had installed on
these computers a new program , the computer would always ask
whether I would allow the program to run. (Yes or NO )

Not being very computer security conscious , I receive some 150
messages every day from 95 % radio  related reflectors etc, very
or little attention had been paid to this allowing or not  messages,
After all, I had down loaded the programs or gotten them from
other sources why should I not want run them?

Slowly but sure after asking around I started to see the need of
looking in this so called firewall in Windows. Being so ignorant,
that I not really know whether this feature has always been part of
XP or whether it was added through a service pack update.

Anyway I had it in a turned ON state on both computers.

Looking through the setup menu's for the Firewall I noticed
a number of programs as exceptions to the blocking funktion
of the Firewall

Surprisingly, on the linrad  machine I had Linrad listed as
authorized, The computer must have asked me whether
I would allow the program to run.

On the laptop, the situation was more interesting.,
the MAP65 machine.

At the start of my ventures I had always only MAp65
installed , it was going to be the MAP65 machine after
Later in the game the  MAP65 I-Q program was used with
ready to go parameter files for the SDR 1-Q receiver and,
as part of of the installation MAP65 I-Q installes also a copy of
LInrad .

In numerous efforts I had been running  MAP65
as a one computer machine, with the Linrad 3.05 running
that was installed with MAP65 I-Q

Now my attention was on the firewall business  I found that
for some reason ( ???? ) the computer would ask me about
running Linrad or not, but would not put linrad in the exception

The firewall lets one add programs manually This also
failed first for linrad. Later another linrad version was
done as a stand alone installation and then it was possible
to use this entree as another exception.

Once I had added Linrad as a "friendly" program on the
computer, acting as a ONLY MAP65 instrument started
to  receive data!

For linrad's  sending data to the other MAP65 machine
and these date being accepted by MAP65, Linrad has
to be on the exception list of the MAP65 machine.


Quite logical when one thinks about it.

 I assume that these factores might play significantly
 in Vista and Windows 7

I will wirte a detailed setup page shortly.

My apologies for all the bandwith for trying to find a
solution for my problem here. and thanks for all the
answers and contributions.

73 Rein W6SZ

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