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Misc Linrad/MAP65

 Dear Joe and Leif,

Thanks for your detailed message, Joe. I appreciate very 
much answers to my remarks or questions, Believe, I really 

Over the next couple of days I hope to de-noise the series 
of emails.

I don't recall in any of these messages to have made any 
negative remark or criticism about any aspect related to 
MAP65 and Linrad. 

If something slipped into the exchange I apologize, period.

There is also no reason for both of you to apologize for
anything or give reasons. It is all non compensated 
work and effort.

I am speechless where this conversation could go or has
gone already.

If we could have a little talk, the three of us with a coke,
a glass of beer, wine or wodka, all this would be resolved in
less than 30 seconds. In particular as there is really nothing
to be resolved in the first place. 
Good understanding with friends and others is for me many
more important any aspect of amateur radio.

I guess, it is the trouble with e-mail exchanges, delays in 
answers that have the potential of severe misunderstanding.

Leif wrote about the lack of feedback and I have also seen 
Joe make these remarks here and there. I, perhaps made the 
error to react to that his remark. It would take too much 
time to explain why I did it but that what I do after having 
lived 75 years. Again a get together would be very helpful 

Once more there is zero negative intent here.

I just thought that having the Q/A in the open of the
reflector could perhaps be helpful for others.

I had promised K6JEY to take care of the SDR MAP65 
business before this weekend's contest. During last 
week It became clear that I could not deliver. By going 
public I hoped to find somebody on the reflector that 
understood what is going on here from the observations and 
remarks I made and could have told me or asked me "have 
you looked there or are you sure of such and so" 

In my opinion it is a question of having the key to a house,
( not having to full around with the key and getting into
a nation wide argument) 
I am getting into the house.
But not having the key to the safe in the house.

Both Leif and Joe telling me: 

We don't understand what you are talking about, 
We are not aware of any need for keys nor for a front door
or the safe.
We have or have been told by others an efficient way to
get into the house and the safe   
We do not use keys, are not aware of locks.
We get into the save an you should be able to do the same,
Many others do!

Again the imaginary get together would be very helpful here.

Change of subject:

From my observations and the remarks addressed to K1JT on the 
WSJT logger it was very clear that MAP65 was performing as per 
specified during the DUBUS digital contest over the weekend.

Joe as was working stations, one after the other, withour ever 
sending anything on the logger, just getting thank-you notes 
for the completed QSO's

Here is another one.

For the record: Doug, K6JEY asked me some time ago to 
help him to get on the air. We work with an antenna set 
up being placed / setup on the pavement in front of his 


K6JEY and his wife Hellen are frequent visitors of EME 
conferences, presents papers at times and has talked 
to the both of you at those occasions.

Perhaps we can meet next year in CA when the San 
Bernadino Microwave Society organizes MUD and also earlier 
in the year the EME conference, though I am not quite sure 
about that.

I hope this writing helps. 

73 Rein W6SZ