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[Linrad] Re: Linrad, MAP65, Windows XP, MAP65 I-Q, Firewall exceptrions

Hi Rein,

Happy to hear that you have found the source of your 
networking problem!

No need to apologize for your questions.  I don't think we 
had any misunderstanding; if I seemed to be less than 100% 
ready and willing to answer your questions, it was only 
because I held the views that (1) nobody but you yourself 
would be able to determine what was wrong on your particular 
computer setup, and (2) even when the reason was determined, 
it would likely not be relevant to the next person who had 
some problem getting these things configured correctly.

Anyway, again, I'm very glad that you have solved the 
problem!  ... and thanks to you (or was it Doug himself?) 
for the 2m EME QSO with K6JEY, over the weekend!

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Rein w6sz wrote:
> Hello Joe, Leif , and All.
> Real happy to report to have figured the solution of
> my problem. with the 2 computer setup
> Once you know it is simple, as is often the case!...

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