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[Linrad] Windows, Firewall settings, Linrad , MAP65, SDR IQ

Hello All,

Windows XP and most likely  Windows Vista ( and 7 ) have a firewall
feature. One can select this to be On or Off.

Go                      "Start"
Left Click            "Settings"
Double Left Click  "Windows Firewall"
Top Bar click       "Exceptions"

The situation here is that  Linrad should work on one computer, MAP65
on another.
The 2 computers are networked, Microsoft Networking, IP addresses are
in place.

The 2 computer requirement is because of possible lack of computer
( CPU/Memory)

In the process of installing this setup ( MAP65 using Linrad as a data
source ),
Linrad was installed on one computer, MAP65 on the other.

It might have been better to install Linrad also on the second
computer what
has been noted seen mentioned on this reflector ( source unknown at
moment. )

After a lot of searching  and going back and forth, it was determined
that in the
computer with Linrad installed,  Linrad was present  in the firewall
exception list..
Same with the the MAP65 computer, MAP65 present  in the exception

The question did arise "How does this happen" ?

It is assumed here that if a new program is installed, with the
firewall ON
and being run for the first tiome , Windows will ask, whether this
program is
allowed to run on that omputer.

When the answer is "yes",  the name of the program is added in the
exception list

No particular attention was ever paid to this exchange!

For MAP65 to work, it needs data flow from the Linrad computer, ie
Linrad needs
to be able to access the MAP65 Computer.

MAP65 I-Q is a "ready to go program"  that can be installed on either
a one computer
system ( all action within the firewalled computer ) or on a 2
computer setup.

In MAP65 I-Q, Linrad is installed as part of the installation. In this
process, it seems
Linrad is not tested for "being allowed to run", as Linrad does not
appears in the
exception list while MAP65 does!

Is Linrad a friendly program or an "intruder"?

Is this the reason perhaps for  the in-ability of Linrad to send data
to the MAP65
program in this particular situation?

Adding Linrad to the exception list on the MAP65 computer will be
tested as well
as just installing Linrad on the MAP65 computer with taking the MAP I-
Q parameter
set as part on the Linrad install on the Linrad Computer.

Note: MAP65 I-Q comes with Linrad. with an  optimized parameter set
for SDR IQ use.

Any comments please?

73 Rein W6SZ

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