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[Linrad] Re: Linrad, MAP65, Windows XP, MAP65 I-Q, Firewall exceptrions

On Jul 27, 1:48 pm, Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rein,
> Happy to hear that you have found the source of your
> networking problem!
> No need to apologize for your questions.  I don't think we
> had any misunderstanding; if I seemed to be less than 100%
> ready and willing to answer your questions, it was only
> because I held the views that (1) nobody but you yourself
> would be able to determine what was wrong on your particular
> computer setup, and (2) even when the reason was determined,
> it would likely not be relevant to the next person who had
> some problem getting these things configured correctly.
> Anyway, again, I'm very glad that you have solved the
> problem!  ... and thanks to you (or was it Doug himself?)
> for the 2m EME QSO with K6JEY, over the weekend!
>         -- 73, Joe, K1JT
   Hi Joe,

No, it was Doug at the time, but I saw it happening.

We were a little disappointed about the activity level
in the contest, though I am sure, we missed a lot of it
with just 2 yagi's on receiving.
Also, these events have to grow over time.

Unless WSJT/Linrad users use totally stripped-down computers
as you suggest, others might experience the same problems,
I think.

I get frustrated on the reflector. There is a ton of useful
information, questions and answers, experiences, though most
of it, is very hard to extract, I think at least.

Anyway, I have the single and the 2 computer setup running OK.

Once Linrad is in the send mode, I can start MAP65,  stop it, and
starting it again, The same with Linrad, MAP65 sits there waiting,
as soon as Linrad is toggled to send, MAP65 accepts the flow.

Also I did not want to suggest that 'shared' or sharing hard drives
is or was required for Linrad/MAP65, I was using the shared feature
to test the basic networking between the 2 computers.
Network cards , protocol,  IP addresses, crossover etc.

When windows is asking the Administrator ( in fact ) whether an
installed program is allowed to run, windows takes silently care of
things and most users will never even realize what is going on.

At work before retirement, most of us had computers on our desks
but we had no root or administrator status. There was no way that we
could or were allowed to install programs how innocent as they
come. Chances were big if they found out that you were playing around
that the next thing you needed was getting a few carton boxes...
Anti virus programs, spyware concerns were nightly updated.
I think that is pretty well the way, it is in Corporations.

The odd thing is that with linrad, getting installed with via MAP65 I-
plus the parameter set, is checked, but upon approving it, it
is NOT  added to the "exception list"
In the end, I had first to install a stand alone copy of Linrad on
the second computer, to get Linrad on the exception list, and then
Install MAP65 I-Q.
Once done  this, MAP65 was accepting the linrad flow right away.

I imagine that in Vista or Windows 7 similar or worse conditions
might show up.

Just going over the reflector contents, I have noticed in the past,
that could perhaps have been related to this.
Have also seen suggestions to install Linrad and MAP65 I-Q on the
I-Q computer, what when seeing it, I did not understand why that was,
It could have been the solution to my problem.

Every time a new operating system appears, and people buying a new
computer with the latest OS, questions appear on the Q/A reflectors
Linrad/Winrad/HPSDR/you name it, as "it worked on the other
I am sure you have seen plenty of those.

Also I had contacted a few people before I went public with my
I got approaches suggested, that seem to work in some cases but had
to do with what I had here.

The reason I went on the reflector I was assuming that somebody with
knowledge would have said to me:
"Well if your sharing is working, there has to be a problem with the
Why don't you check here or  there. It is really that simple, I think.

The three of us have limited knowledge of networking, I wouldn't have
slightest idea how to do it, or any idea how to write the code in a
program to
connect and transfer data to another program via TCP/IP, though from
work, I have
some idea of setting up networking.

Connecting analyzers, printers to computers and that sort of jobs is
more common, running the microwave or the stove from a computer.
Operations also, that start to appear in amateur radio.

Anyway Joe and Leif I, appreciate highly you engagement as part of
and designing computer programs for others to use.

73 Rein W6SZ

 Rein w6sz wrote:
> > Hello Joe, Leif , and All.
> > Real happy to report to have figured the solution of
> > my problem. with the 2 computer setup
> > Once you know it is simple, as is often the case!...
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