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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hi Rein,

>      par_ssb file modified to:
>      Second Forward FFT version [2]
>      Second FFT window [1]
>      No traces selected.
>      Linrad reports 17.9 % CPU load
OK. Good:-)

>      Windows Task Manager reports:
>      LInrad.exe   18 - 22 %    CPU    16 MB Memory
>      Map65.exe           5%    CPU   237 MB Memory.
That looks fine.
>      Looking at the CPU load in Linrad, it drops to 0 - 1 % at the
>      very moment I hear the WSJT tones coming out the speaker.
Which means that the USB crashes immediately. If you have a single
core machine and some application holds the processor for too long
USB crashes. "too long" here is not a very long time....
If the problem is MAP65 itself I think a couple of sleep statements
(zero seconds) in the MAP65 code would solve the problem. Visual 
effects can be really bad. Go to "Control panel" then "System" 
and select the tab "Advanced" Click "Settings" under "Performance" 
and select "Adjust for best performance"

>      After transmit cycle is finished Linrad CPU load varies between
>      1 % ,  peaking as high as 8 %
I do not know what that means. Maybe the crashed USB system uses 
up CPU time that is attributed to Linrad??

>      So indeed, Linrad is still alive or at least partially.
I assume it shows the "No signal" message at this point and that
means it is dead. Except for very little work in the thread
responsible for the "No input" message.

Please describe your computer: Processor, CPU clock and Windows 
version so I can try to reproduce the problem on something similar.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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