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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hi Rein,

> > This is certainly incorrect. I think the reason is that the
> > USB channel looses data. Under Windows that causes the input
> > to stop and you should see a message "No input" in the lower
> > left corner of the Linrad screen with a counter that slowly
> > steps up to show Linrad is actually alive.
>   The message "No input' appears there also with a slowly
>    incrementing counter,
OK. The USB device driver has crashed. Linrad has called it
with a read statement and the call does not return. The "No input"
message is generated from another thread but Linrad (read I) can
not cancel a read statement that did not return under Windows.
(I can do it under Linux, but the Linux drivers does not crasch 
so there is no need.) 

The Windows USB driver crashes whenever the CPU does not respond 
in time. The crash is within the Windows OS and it does not help 
to set the priority of Linrad to realtime.

Visual effects may cause these problems. Maybe there are some 
"important" tasks that Windows is doing silently that contribute
to the CPU load.

The problem is not really the CPU load but the CPU latency. 
I do not know enough about Windows to give any advice. What I
did was to introduce the possibillity of running Linrad at 
higher priority but that does not seem to help because
the problem is not in Linrad but in the USB system. Perhaps
another USB port would work better??

> > .> When the 48 seconds send period has past, Linrad does not
> > > not come back to life. As a matter of fact it is not responding to the
> > > "X" key strokes any longer,
> > > "Netsend" is still on in this state,
No. When the USB sub-system has crashed the only choice is
to exit from Linrad.

> > > A message on linrad where the CPU load number is visible, appears
> > > "No input" and t 1335 where it seems the 1335 keeps on incrementing.
> > > MAP65 shows the red No rx data.
> >
> > Yes:-) The USB has stopped because some other process was holding
> > the CPU for too long. Maybe you have visual effects enabled? Other
> > programs running? A safe solution is to place MAP65 in a different
> > computer....
>   Is this that MAP65 expects data to stream again at the end of the
>   send period? Or data to start coming in and if not it stops?
>   For Joe to answer I guess.
MAP65 normally receives data all the time. 

>   I have problems with this, because MAP65 works with stops and starts
>   in the data stream via the "P" and "B" linrad menu keys.
>   May I assume that because temporary cpu overload or lack  of
>   memory linrad stops transmitting or perhaps gets kicked out of the
>   Sendmode and not recovers from this interruption?
The USB crashes and that causes Linrad to freeze. I can not kill
a crashed USB sub-system without making an exit from the program.

>   Should the data stream remain not interrupted during the start of
> send
>   or send period?
Linrad does not know what programs and computers that listen to 
the network so it is always sending data if the network is enabled.


 Leif  / SM5BSZ

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