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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Leif and Joe and All,

After having been running in the monitoring / decode
mode for hours without problems, I wanted to try
the send mode in MAP65.

There is a problem here. As soon as the send cycle in MAP65
starts, Linrad stops. This might be correct or not , though I think
it is not.

When the 48 seconds send period has past, Linrad does not
not come back to life. As a matter of fact it is not responding to the
"X" key strokes any longer,
"Netsend" is still on in this state,

It worked one time perhaps out of 15 tries. At that time, one could
hear linrad's video at the same time as the WSJT tones for the
modulation. The only sound card is used by Linrad and by MAP65
to output modulation tones.

I then disabled ths sound card in Linrad.It did not make any

A message on linrad where the CPU load number is visible, appears
"No input" and t 1335 where it seems the 1335 keeps on incrementing.
MAP65 shows the red No rx data.

Any idea's?

73 Rein W6SZ

On Jul 21, 10:06 pm, rein...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello Joe and Leif,
> Very happy to report that MAP65I-Q is now running here and
> well on single laptop!( Thinkpad T42 )
> Thinkpad has 1.7 P4 processor and 512 Mb memory.
> The SDR I-Q is on loan from Doug, K6JEY and we would like to run MAP65
> this weekend. This is the reason for the "urgency" to get answers.
> I tried it with one computer out of desperation after many efforts to
> get it to go here with 2 computers!
> Terry, KJ7F has been very helpful in the end with real good hints
> info and directions.
> Leif and some others will try to write a document on how to do the
> 2 computer setup.
> Core problem was, I did not know how to tell Linrad the IP address
> needed to drive the network card to talk from de Linrad computer
> to the MAP65 computer. Of course once you know it it is easy....
> the par_netsend_ip file creation.
> Now  even with the par_netsend_ip added in the linrad directory,
> I was using ver 3.06 all the time, it is still not working.
> Is it perhaps, that one needs to SHARE the hard drives on the local
> network?
> With 2 network cards plus the Ip's set I can transfer files, etc
> from the shared parts of the hard drives of the 2 computers.
> Linrad refuses though to transfer data or MAP65 does not see or
> gets them. ( Linrad in Netsend )
> With the laptop:
> The files used per MAP65-IQ from K1JT website, ( par_netsend_ip
> is included in this file set , ip address =, loop IP )
> I am monitoring some Beacons on 28 MHz at the moment.
> SDR I-Q box running via USD 2.0 on laptop
> Mode SSB
> CPU load = abt 31 % reported by Lnrad
> Windows task manager ( CTRL ALt Del ) reports:
> abt 10 % CPU use for MAP65
> abt 300 MB Memory use for MAP65
> abt 37% CPU for Linrad   ( SSB mode at abt 90 Khz sampling rate
> Abt 25 MB Memory use for Linrad.
> I assume when actually wsjt65B signals are t be decoded,
> the MAP65 load will increase.
> Changing over to MAP65 and loading the practice file, it appears
> that the program starts to work really 10's of seconds after
> the test file load started.
> Bottom lime is that from here it certainly appears that SDR65 I-Q installs and
> is working in no time. It is ready to go!
> Softrock vs SDR I_Q.
> Doug and I have done in the past some comparison measurements for the SDR box
> versus one of my softocks. Softrock is runnung with Si570 LO, and has
> a pre-selector. We found the sensitivity on 28 Mhz of the softrock approx
> 10 dB better then the SDR I-Q.
> Softrock with a un modified delta44 sound card ( the same numbers with
> Linrad in SSB mode, Winrad and SpectraVue.
> I use a little prtable softrock SDR here with the laptop and have to use
> an external soundcard for the I/Q processing ( USB sound card )
> Of course, SDR IQ receives 0-30 MHz in one sweep, Sofrock is narrow band,
> and would need a lot extra to have it cover 30 MHz of as one spectrum.
> 73  Rein, W6SZ
> -----Original Message-----
> >From: Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >Sent: Jul 21, 2009 2:29 PM
> >To: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: [Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication
> >Hi Rein and all,
> >I have been away for the past ten days, just now getting
> >caught up on email.  It seems that you have had some trouble
> >getting Linrad and MAP65(-IQ) running together?
> >Probably I have not yet absorbed everything in the recent
> >series of emails on this topic, but I as I understand it you
> >want to run Linrad together with MAP65, using either the
> >SDR-IQ or a SoftRock for input.
> >There is no version of MAP65 designed specifically for a
> >general-purpose, single-channel direct-conversion I/Q
> >receiver like the SoftRock.  Although I do not particularly
> >recommend it, it's possible to use a SoftRock with the
> >standard MAP65 program.  To do this you must use 96 kHz
> >sample rate and tell Linrad that you have a dual-RF-channel
> >(four audio channel) system.  MAP65 will then work, but of
> >course it cannot provide its very important
> >polarization-matching capability.
> >A much better solution would be to use MAP65-IQ and the
> >SDR-IQ receiving hardware.  On April 10 I posted to this
> >reflector a link to a click-to-install version of MAP65-IQ,
> >specifically built for the SDR-IQ receiver:
> >http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/MAP65-IQ_r1116.EXE
> >Downloading and executing this file will install everything
> >you need to run Linrad 3.05b and MAP65-IQ v0.9, r1116, on a
> >single computer.  There is no need to configure any
> >network-related or other files.  A full set of Linrad
> >configuration files is included, set up for optimum
> >performance with MAP65-IQ.  Both programs run comfortably on
> >a single computer with 1 GB (or even 512 MB) of memory and
> >1.5 GHz or faster CPU.
> >Start-up icons for both Linrad and MAP65-IQ will appear on
> >your Windows desktop at the end of installation.  As far as
> >I have been able to tell, the combination runs "out of the
> >box".  If for you it does not, please tell us about your
> >problems!
> >Additional comment, especially to Leif:
> >Making a click-to-install distribution file for Windows is
> >very simple.  (Like many things, simple once you have
> >learned how. :-))  I recommend using the superb (and free)
> >program called "Inno Setup", available at
> >http://www.innosetup.com/isinfo.php
> >To use it you must create a simple file that names all files
> >to be included in the distribution, and tells where to find
> >them and where to put them on the target machine.  An
> >example of the setup file for the MAP65-IQ distribution is
> >attached.
> >    -- 73, Joe, K1JT
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