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[Linrad] Linrad MAP65 Communication II

Hello Leif and All,

Perhaps time to start a new discussion.

You have in Linrad the "X" and the "B" commands.

 The problem I have with the send cycle in MAP65
 seeming to knock out Linrad for whatever reason, could
perhaps be solved by using the procedures initiated by
the "X" and "B" commands?

It proofs that the linrad transfer can be stopped and
re-started without problems.

 MAP65 sends something like a "X" command to Linrad.
 At the end of the send cycle , about 48 secs later for
 the WSJT modes, a  "B" like command puts Linrad back to
work and sending again data to MAP65.

I can stop data transfer to MAP65  with the "X" keystroke
in Linrad and restore data transfer into MAP65 with the
"B" stroke, This is working.

It could well be of course that there is a more serious problem
stopping Linrad, I hope not.

This brings up another question. The par_sendrec_ip is not
used in the communication between Linrad and MAP65.
I guess it could be used in a 2 or more computer setup
where the input data strem is reversed.

73 Rein W6SZ

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