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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Rein,

> After having been running in the monitoring / decode
> mode for hours without problems, I wanted to try
> the send mode in MAP65.
> There is a problem here. As soon as the send cycle in MAP65
> starts, Linrad stops. This might be correct or not , though I think
> it is not.
This is certainly incorrect. I think the reason is that the
USB channel looses data. Under Windows that causes the input
to stop and you should see a message "No input" in the lower
left corner of the Linrad screen with a counter that slowly 
steps up to show Linrad is actually alive.
> When the 48 seconds send period has past, Linrad does not
> not come back to life. As a matter of fact it is not responding to the
> "X" key strokes any longer,
> "Netsend" is still on in this state,
You may try to ease the load on your computer by setting "Second
forward FFT version" to 2. You may also set the second FFT window
to 1 as well as not click any signal in Linrad.

You may also try to run Linrad in higher priority and/or MAP65
in lower priority.

> It worked one time perhaps out of 15 tries. At that time, one could
> hear linrad's video at the same time as the WSJT tones for the
> modulation. 
"Linrad's video" ???? Please describe what you refer to.

> The only sound card is used by Linrad and by MAP65
> to output modulation tones.
Then you should set up Linrad to not use it at all for output.
(It is in the U menu.)

> I then disabled ths sound card in Linrad.It did not make any
> difference.
> A message on linrad where the CPU load number is visible, appears
> "No input" and t 1335 where it seems the 1335 keeps on incrementing.
> MAP65 shows the red No rx data.
Yes:-) The USB has stopped because some other process was holding 
the CPU for too long. Maybe you have visual effects enabled? Other
programs running? A safe solution is to place MAP65 in a different



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