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[Linrad] Re: Network ( network setup )

Hi Rein,

> Having looked at the linrad home page and
> looked at the notes on Networking, I made
> a fresh installation of the Windows version
> 3,06 on a XP 1.9 GHz computer with 512 MB
> memory, a Delta44 sound card., an USB
> wireless adapter, network card 10/100 MB.
You can always make a fresh installation with this command:
del par*.* (Windows) 
or rm par* (Linux)

It may be a good idea to do 
copy par*.* C:\linrad\old-parameters\datexxyyzz (Windows)
or cp par* /home/linrad-old-par/datexxyyzz (Linux)
before you delete the files so you can get your old installation
back easily. You must be logged to the linrad directory when
doing this.

A Linrad installation has everything in its own working 
directory. You may have any number of such installations
in the computer. The data files, .wav, .raw, .gif and the
EME data base reside at fixed locations.

> Linrad installation is complete. Linrad working
> with delta44 and sound OK.
OK. Any difficulties reaching so far?

> On the Linrad Home page is a section on networking
> In the main menu I selected "N" to start network setup
> I selected I believe 2 or 3, do not quite remember.
> The I idea was to either load the par_netsend_ip or to load
> from an existing file{?}  or put the given IP 239.,,,,
> in a par_netsend file..  Do not know what we are
> doing.
This is the first cruicial point. Can you recall better
what your idea was and from where you got it?

> I got the error message that I think is
> "could not load or process the 236....."
This is quite a bit further along the path....

> And I menu is locked up. I can exit from Linrad
> via "X" and escape,
Hmmm, where are you now?

> Thsi seems to have to do witer with my machimes
> os I use or wah t have you it not LINRAD related
> it seems, but it prevents LINRAd from inputting
> another number
No, this is entirely a Linrad thing. I am not sure at
what point you are, maybe a fatal error.

> If I restart Linrad and select "N" I get the above
> error message and find linrad not responsive .
The message should be "Could not read file par_netsend_ip"
followed by what IP address Linrad will use.

> It  looks messy and ot complete I will repeat this
> by re-installing LINRAD from a fresh copy.
Only delete par files:-)

> Might be mistaken but I believe this is waht I need
> to do.
> Going back a few months I think I had the same results
> but set the installation aside.
> Extra note ( perhaps Important )
> In this process I have been trying to config
> the network card in this machine ( outside
> LInrad ) via Local network card procedures
Well, I know next to nothing about networking so I
can not say anything about that.

> This is impossible! As soon as I enter 239
> The machine answers invalid number, should be
> smaller than 223 I think it is,
Yes, so far fine:-)

The 239 series is for multicasting and it is the IP address
used by Linrad as default. Those packages can be picked up 
on every computer on the network regardless of the IP address
of the computer itself. 

> I have repeated this procedure on another
> computer and get the same results,
> With IP sittings with the first block < 223
> I have the 2 cards working fine on a local
> network.
Yes. Then Linrad will work fine:-)

> Not sure whether we are creating a file with
> pat_netrec.ip specified i it or getting the IP
> address from an existing file.
> Will re_install Linrad and try to write
> down all the details next.
OK. Good:-)



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