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[Linrad] Re: Network ( network setup )

Hi Rein,

> The story is as follows:
> I selected "2"
> The following message shows:
>  Default address is 239:255:0:0
>  Set new addres -1 to read from file
>  par_netsend_ip or etc.
>   Assuming this is the point to change a send IP
>   and receive IP ?
After pressing 2 you can change the IP addres to which Linrad
sends data. You have to press 3 on the menu to change the
ip address from where Linrad would try to receive data.

>   Either the par_netsend_Ip file is just missing
>   or a par_netsend_ip file should have been created
>   ahead of time with  the desired IP in it
You are actually supposed to do excactly what you did up to this
point and arrive at precisely this conclusion.

The file has to be present in the Linrad directory, otherwise
Linrad will use the default multicast address. Following the
path you did, you were not aware of this so you have to exit
and create the file. You could also have downloaded the package
from Joes site where the par_netsend_ip that fits MAP65 is 
included - at least for the SDR-IQ package.

>   Waht form ?   just xxx:yyy:0:0 or with name [           ]
The format has to be the standard for an IP address:

The file has to contain plain ascii with the IP address on
the first line. Any subsequent lines would be ignored.

> If the file does not exists the program might not like
> this....... Perhaps reason for hang up?.
There should not be any hang up. I am not sure at what
point you are now. What is the last message on screen? 

> Possible conclusion:
> create 2 par_net,,,,, file with desired Ip's
> In light  of the   "239" problem I have
> my 2 network cards configured manually to
> linrad machine:
> 169,254.196,83
> MAP machine:
> 169.254.196,84
> these 2 IP's provide me full networking ( in Windows )
> between the 2 machines,
I do not know what address MAP65 would require and a quick
attempt to find out on the Internet failed. Hopefully
someone else on this list will give the information.

> Should one use numbers like these working numbers
> to put in the 2 par_netxxx_ip files?
Probably not. I actually no not know since I never used
anything other than the Linrad default. (Yes, I did test
MAP65 but I have forgotten what I did.) 

I think you can send to or to some
other IP that is specific for the MAP65 software.

If you want to run a second instance of Linrad you would
have to set the receive address to whatever you are sending to
if it is MAP65 specific or to to allow the
second instance to pick up the UDP packages. You might
perhaps also set it to if you want the second Linrad
in the same computer as MAP65 - but I really do not know.
> This leaves MAP65. I 
> Do not know whether MAP65 talks back to the WINRAD
> computer.
No, it does not.

> And how to program MAP65 computer with correct IP?
You already did that:-) 



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