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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Rein,

> I like to propose the following:
> Will clean up the drives on the 2 computers.
> Then I am going to install Linrad 3.06 with the delta44
> and I state what I do next and why, you watch it step by step, 
> and you check what I have done. And I report what happens
> etc etc
> I will try to record it and you and I write the instructions
> to get Linrad and MAP65 to work. 
This will be very good. Please describe excactly what you do - 
and in particular WHY - but only a couple of steps each time.

The reason is that i do not as much want to tell you what to do 
as I want to change whatever information that might lead in 
wrong directions or perhaps not lead to anything at all.

> You check the final product. You carry the document on your
> web page as the installation manual for the Linrad/Map65 system
By breaking it down into smaller steps it will be easier to change
at the source from where you got your information or to change
the Linrad setup dialogue.

> During the last 3 days I have been trying to get this solved
> and have been emailing with a number of helpful amateurs.
> Selected and contacted from the linrad reflector with 
> their questions or difficulties. I details do not matter
> here really.
> Most of these amateurs had a system working but none had the
> same as I have here. And it seems we all have different idea's
> of what is required, why and how. 
To some extent that is intentional. Different things are required
at different locations. Now, to receive JT65 via MAP65 is a pretty
well defined task so differences should be small.  

> So I think it should be worthwhile to write a document that
> can be followed by old as well as new users of the Linrad/MAP65
> combination.
In the first place I want to do whatever changes needed to the general
information to remove some of the problems you have encountered.
Then, if necessary, it would be adequate to write something about the
Linrad/MAP65 combination.

> There is also always the issue of "reading the manual" As we
> all know most of us do not want to do that , nor do we really
> want to study it.

> what we had at work and I know it is common in the industry
> is an introduction what the target is, diffinitions of the
> expressions, functions, how the different pieces fit together, 
> finally how to get there and how to check the final result.
> Just to name a few.
> Also if one leaves it sort of open, different minds often approach
> or interpret text in quite different ways.
Yes. I have repeatedly asked for feedback from people who find
problems with getting Linrad running. On this list, on the Perseus
list and at other places. I have asked for questions posted to this
list but as you may have seen the response is very close to zero.

Linrad is designed for experimenters. It gives opportunities to do
many things that would be stupid nearly always but that could be
extremely helpful in special situations. To some extent it is fine
that different people go different ways according to their preferences.
This would be particularly valuable if there was some more sharing 
of information. Linrad allows recording of the raw data excactly 
as they arrive from the antenna into a .raw file. The raw file 
contains the calibration data (if any) and allows repeated processing
with different parameters so one can decide if something is better
than something else. For MAP65 the things that might be of interest
are noise blankers, spur removal and visibility in the Linrad 
waterfall. Since the network data is 16 bit only the level of
the signal might also be a factor. It is possible to set it too
high or too low.

> I like to give an example. 
> You talk about setting the addresses in the setup menu.
> It is the most logical thing to do, in my inquires with others
> I asked in several ways how and where to do it. The limit
> is that I never had the foresight to go there nor did any 
> of the the people that I contacted. Looking back now I certainly
>  feel stupid but I was not the only person not being aware of this
> it seems from here at least.
This is kind of interesting. Do you have any suggestion about how
to improve on this point?

The user is supposed to press 'N', 'R' or 'T' if he wants to
use the network. If the network is not set up (there is no
file par_network) all three keys lead to the 'N' menu. 
(Which I perhaps should make more verbose.)



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