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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Leif,

Thanks so MUCH for getting on line and your hands on
my problem,

I like to propose the following:

Will clean up the drives on the 2 computers.

Then I am going to install Linrad 3.06 with the delta44
and I state what I do next and why, you watch it step by step, 
and you check what I have done. And I report what happens
etc etc

I will try to record it and you and I write the instructions
to get Linrad and MAP65 to work. 

You check the final product. You carry the document on your
web page as the installation manual for the Linrad/Map65 system

During the last 3 days I have been trying to get this solved
and have been emailing with a number of helpful amateurs.
Selected and contacted from the linrad reflector with 
their questions or difficulties. I details do not matter
here really.

Most of these amateurs had a system working but none had the
same as I have here. And it seems we all have different idea's
of what is required, why and how. 

So I think it should be worthwhile to write a document that
can be followed by old as well as new users of the Linrad/MAP65

There is also always the issue of "reading the manual" As we
all know most of us do not want to do that , nor do we really
want to study it.

what we had at work and I know it is common in the industry
is an introduction what the target is, diffinitions of the
expressions, functions, how the different pieces fit together, 
finally how to get there and how to check the final result.
Just to name a few.

Also if one leaves it sort of open, different minds often approach
or interpret text in quite different ways.

I like to give an example. 

You talk about setting the addresses in the setup menu.
It is the most logical thing to do, in my inquires with others
I asked in several ways how and where to do it. The limit
is that I never had the foresight to go there nor did any 
of the the people that I contacted. Looking back now I certainly
 feel stupid but I was not the only person not being aware of this
it seems from here at least.

So I hope you help me and the future users with this. This is
not to put Roger, W3SZ out of business. He has dome in  my
opinion at least a fantastic job to promote Linrad, its
use amd howto. And Roger is very welcome to do this with.

To end this, one might say why go through all of this?
it is all simple!
Well, I think Linrad and MAP65 deserve to be used by many.
Also such a write up could be useful to all those who will
have black radio boxes that need to be interfaced to computer
via TCP/IP

( Returning later )

73 Rein W6SZ,


-----Original Message-----
>From: Leif Asbrink <leif@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Sent: Jul 16, 2009 4:04 PM
>To: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication
>Hi Rein,
>> But perhaps you know how or where to set the 
>> par_netsend_ip
>> par_netrec_ip
>> parameters manually . I can't find them in the parameter files.
>> What I am really asking, I think, are these IP addresses hard programmed
>> in linrad and MAP65?
>> Or perhaps should these IP addresses been added in a file. I am 
>> totally at a loss here.
>It seems I have not written the functions of "N=Network setup" verbose
>enough. There is "2: SEND address = ........." as one alternative in settings.
>When you press '2' the message becomes:
>"..... Set new SEND address -1 to read from file par_netsend_ip" 
>Please suggest a "one-liner" that would help others to not become confused
>at this point. You are supposed to arrive at this point, set -1 and not get
>the desired result. (Could not read file par_netsend_ip) 
>You arre assumed to react by making an exit from Linrad and create a text file
>par_netsend_ip (or possibly par_netsend_ip.txt) containing an ip address in
>text format. Next time you would see the contents of that file.
>There is no difference between Linux and Windows, but (silently) allowing 
>also for the .txt extension is done to make life easier for Windows users
>who may run without visible file extensions.

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