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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Tom,

Again, thanks.

Unfortunately I do not understand  perhaps a number
of trivial point(s), actually thats for sure!

There is a file connected with the network (communication) 


form of parameters  "name" {n} 

send group [0]
receive group [0]
port [50000]
send_raw [0]
send_fft1 [0]
send_fft2 [0]
send_timf2 [16]
receive_raw [0]
receive_fft1 [0]
ip1 [2220222]
ip2 [0]
ip3 [0]
ip4 [0]
check [0]

Change only between brackets.
If file has errors, Linrad will ignore file and prompt
for a complete set of new parameters

Should I just put in the IP's in this file?
Or, one IP address in Linrad and another in MAP65?
Should there not be some indication what this number is or

Or should I create 2 new files with as only content
the IP's.

Should these files be both in the linrad directory?
or again on in Linrad and one in MAP65?

I am sure they are very trivial matters but I clearly do not
quite understand what I am doing.

My idea is that Linrad needs to know where to send the data
and probably MAPs want to confirm receipt of some kind in its
basic form back to linrad.

I see data flowing over the network card form the linrad amchine
to the MAP machine and if I remove the cross over cable I see
the out flow over the Wireless adapter

NAP65 however sits there. Both programs provide little info 
in terms of feedback.

I have full control from one computer to the other via the 
router as well as via the network cards ( shared to 
shared,  both ways )

BTW thanks for not given up on me!

Regards  Rein

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>From: "Thomas D. Dean" <tomdean@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication
>On Thu, 2009-07-16 at 12:13 -0400, rein0zn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> But perhaps you know how or where to set the 

>> par_netrec_ip
>In the directory where the linrad par_* files are located, create two
>ner files,
>par_netsend_ip containing the address linrad is to transmit to.
>par_netrec_ip containing the address linrad is to receive from.
>I do not use Map65,
>The port number linrad uses as well as the port number Map65 uses must
>be the same.

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