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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hi Rein,

> But perhaps you know how or where to set the 
> par_netsend_ip
> par_netrec_ip
> parameters manually . I can't find them in the parameter files.
> What I am really asking, I think, are these IP addresses hard programmed
> in linrad and MAP65?
> Or perhaps should these IP addresses been added in a file. I am 
> totally at a loss here.

It seems I have not written the functions of "N=Network setup" verbose
enough. There is "2: SEND address = ........." as one alternative in settings.
When you press '2' the message becomes:
"..... Set new SEND address -1 to read from file par_netsend_ip" 

Please suggest a "one-liner" that would help others to not become confused
at this point. You are supposed to arrive at this point, set -1 and not get
the desired result. (Could not read file par_netsend_ip) 

You arre assumed to react by making an exit from Linrad and create a text file
par_netsend_ip (or possibly par_netsend_ip.txt) containing an ip address in
text format. Next time you would see the contents of that file.

There is no difference between Linux and Windows, but (silently) allowing 
also for the .txt extension is done to make life easier for Windows users
who may run without visible file extensions.



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