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[Linrad] Re: Running Linrad on 2 computers through a network : Help

 Hi Gaëtan,

> On the slave computer, I set the RECEIVE address (through the
> par_netrec_ip file)  to the IP address of the slave computer itself
> (and not the one of the master computer !!!).
> That works fine, though either my laptop soundboard/my network are
> limiting the bandwidth to be monitored to 20 kHz (above, I have too
> many "network errors" = 0 fillings). 
When the Network is the limiting factor I think you should use
the 16 bit raw data format. Presumably your analog hardware is the 
limiting factor anyway...

> That is enough to stay tuned to
> 144.300 from everywhere in the house or garden through my WiFi...
OK. If you need it, it should be possible to run WiFi at much higher
bandwidth - but I know nothing about the details. Maybe someone 
else does...

> One nice improvement feature of Linrad should be to have a squelch.
I know what a squelch is in FM mode. That is something I might add
some day, but you mentioned 144.300 so perhaps you want some kind
of squelch in SSB mode. It is not obvious to me what purpose an
SSB squelch should serve.

Also squelches in general. I do not use them myself and I do not
quite know what purpose they serve to others. Do you want to monitor 
a particular channel or do you want to hear any activity within a 
certain frequency range?


Leif / SM5BSZ

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