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[Linrad] Re: Running Linrad on 2 computers through a network : Help

Dear All,

I have played a bit this WE with networking Linrad on separte
computers and it works !
My goal was to listen on a slave computer what is happening on the 2m
band through a master computer.
Then my setup is so :

Master Station :
Antenna - 144/28 transverter - 28/12 converter - Softrock v 6.2. tuned
on 12 MHz - EMU0202 192 kHz soundboard (for more info, see my website
http://home.versateladsl.be/cesgai00 ) - Master computer running
Linrad 03.03


Slave Station :
Laptop running Linrad 03.06

In the Linrad network parameters menu of the master computer, I set
the SEND address (through the par_netsend_ip file) to the IP address
of the slave computer.
On the slave computer, I set the RECEIVE address (through the
par_netrec_ip file)  to the IP address of the slave computer itself
(and not the one of the master computer !!!).
That works fine, though either my laptop soundboard/my network are
limiting the bandwidth to be monitored to 20 kHz (above, I have too
many "network errors" = 0 fillings). That is enough to stay tuned to
144.300 from everywhere in the house or garden through my WiFi...

One nice improvement feature of Linrad should be to have a squelch.

Best 73's,

Gaëtan, ON4KHG
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