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[Linrad] Re: Running Linrad on 2 computers through a network : Help

Hi Leif,

Indeed, I think the HW is limiting.
I forgot to mention (for others interested) :

- On the master computer Network Parameters, I send the RAW DATA in 16
bits (option 4 in the menu) on the network
- On the slave computer Network Parameters, I activate reception of
that same format (through option 11 in the menu)

About the squelch, I'm interested in monitoring a particular channel
(SSB) without hearing all the time the noise hiss, though I admit this
is a bit wasting the WB rx capabilities of Linrad. I guess it is
difficult to implement for a particular channel (or the sampling BW
has to be limited to a few kHz around that channel). The easiest would
be to define a threshold below which the receiver is muted but at 96
or 192 kHz sampling, there would always be some birdies (eventually
not removed by the autospur) triggering the squelch.



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