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[Linrad] Running Linrad on 2 computers through a network : Help


I'd like to run Linrad on 2 separate computers, linked through a
network (than could be internet).
I'm running Linrad under Win XP.

When linking my shack PC running Linrad, sending data on the network
to a second computer running MAP65-IQ, it seems to work (at least I
have not "No RX data" at the bottom of the MAP65 window but "Drop
0.00%" => MAP65 is well linked to Linrad and both are well
communicating I guess).

But when I run Linrad on the second computer, trying to retrieve data
from the shack computer through the network, I get the following error
message on the second computer :

[1268]Error in attempt to use setsockopt() to request that the kernel
joins a multicast group

Is there something I'm missing ? Could somebody help me ?
Thanks in advance.


Gaëtan, ON4KHG
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