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[Linrad] Re: Running Linrad on 2 computers through a network : Help

 Hello Gaëtan,

> When linking my shack PC running Linrad, sending data on the network
> to a second computer running MAP65-IQ, it seems to work (at least I
> have not "No RX data" at the bottom of the MAP65 window but "Drop
> 0.00%" => MAP65 is well linked to Linrad and both are well
> communicating I guess).
> But when I run Linrad on the second computer, trying to retrieve data
> from the shack computer through the network, I get the following error
> message on the second computer :
> [1268]Error in attempt to use setsockopt() to request that the kernel
> joins a multicast group
> Is there something I'm missing ? Could somebody help me ?
The code that fails looks like this:
// use setsockopt() to request that the kernel join a multicast group
  if (setsockopt(netfd.rec_rx,IPPROTO_IP,IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP,
                                           (char*)&mreq,sizeof(mreq)) < 0)
Since MAP65-IQ works the nework must be working properly so the only
error I can imagine is that netrec_rx_multi_group is wrong.
Press N on the Linrad main menu and check the receive address.
Presumably it comes from a file par_netrec_ip in which you have
stored the address that MAP65-IQ uses.
(I just discovered that the dialog message is incorrect and
says par_netsend_ip but the error message that follows if 
par_netrec_ip is not in place should give a hint...)

If you type something like into par_netrec_ip, Linrad
will just use that string without testing anything and that would
cause the 1268 error. (No number must be larger than 255 in an IP 

I have added this info to the 1268 error message and corrected 
the dialog. Please tell me if the above info helped.

The address that Linrad extracts from your file is shown in the
Network setup menu. Check that it looks ok.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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