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[Linrad] RX OVERRUN_ERROR cause: "Visual Effects" (Ubuntu)

Hi Thomas,

Today I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and indeed I found the overrun 
errors and other problems that you reported.

Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects
and select "None."

It seems like the visual effects turn off interrupts for 
long periods of time and thereby causes errors in the USB
sub-system. The log file /var/log/syslog reports numerous
errors even though Linrad seems to work for a couple of minutes
before overrun errors and other errors occur.

Moving the mouse outside the Linrad window, just hitting the border 
lines, causes a crasch.

Ubuntu has "Visual Effects" = "Normal" by default. It is stated 
to provide a good balance between attractiveness and moderate 
performance requirements but that is not true at all. "Visual 
Effects" completely destroy the realtime properties of the Linux 
operating system. By orders of magnitude!!!

When I select "None" I can run xlinrad for long times without 
a single line written to syslog even though chron executes 
every 10 minutes.

It does not matter how many CPU cores you have and it does 
not matter what priority one gives to the input thread of Linrad. 
If some software switches off the interrupt, USB will stay 
dead until interrupts are enabled. That is how I interpret 
the problems.

I can not understand why "Visual Effects" have to behave like 
that. I would guess it is a bug of some kind...


Leif / SM5BSZ

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