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[Linrad] Re: Map-65 (not IQ) no decode

Thanks for the quick reply...not too much time before the June VHF and 
I'm still working at it.

After setting "freq" in par_ssb_fg to 144.125, MAP65 starting showing 
the high resolution waterfall.

The Rx chain here consists of a DEMI 144-28 followed by a Softrock, but 
only a single chain. 
The audio splits  and feed two two stereo channels of a Delta 44, Linrad 
reports 45 degrees.

thanks for your patience.

jeff, wa1hco

Joe Taylor wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> The message you are seeing means that MAP65 has not been informed 
> correctly about your operating frequency.
> MAP65 was built for use with the WSE converters.  In that context Linrad 
> sends the center frequency (e.g., 144.125 MHz) in the header of each 
> packet.  On the MAP65 Setup -> Options screen you must set Fmin and Fmax 
> to appropriate values; I normally use something like Fmin=99, Fmax=160, 
> which gives MAP65 coverage from 144.099 - 144.160 MHz.
> What is your center frequency?  Does MAP65 know what it is?  I forget 
> whether you are using WSE converters, or something else.  If something 
> else, then you may need a way to tell Linrad what your "on the air" 
> center frequency is.
> 	-- 73, Joe, K1JT
> jeff, wa1hco wrote:
>> I have Linrad and Map65 running with Rx about +6 dB and 0% dropped
>> packets.  The Rx level moves around about right as I change levels.
>> But, Map65 doesn't decode anything and I can definitely see signals on
>> the waterfall.
>> In addition, after clicking on a  spot in the band, the lower part of
>> the waterfall display doesn't show anything...just black.
>> Lastly, the terminal window show this error at the end of every
>> minute.
>>    Error in iii:    49211262    49211312    49211728  1.44150768E+08
>> 1.44151984E+08
>>    Error in iii:    49170642    49170692    49171108  1.44031760E+08
>> 1.44032976E+08
>> This problem occurs on several computers, with both windows and linux
>> version of Map65...so it's probably a Linrad setup problem.
>> What am I missing???
>> jeff, wa1hco.
> >

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