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[Linrad] Re: Map-65 (not IQ) no decode

Hi Jeff,

The message you are seeing means that MAP65 has not been informed 
correctly about your operating frequency.

MAP65 was built for use with the WSE converters.  In that context Linrad 
sends the center frequency (e.g., 144.125 MHz) in the header of each 
packet.  On the MAP65 Setup -> Options screen you must set Fmin and Fmax 
to appropriate values; I normally use something like Fmin=99, Fmax=160, 
which gives MAP65 coverage from 144.099 - 144.160 MHz.

What is your center frequency?  Does MAP65 know what it is?  I forget 
whether you are using WSE converters, or something else.  If something 
else, then you may need a way to tell Linrad what your "on the air" 
center frequency is.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

jeff, wa1hco wrote:
> I have Linrad and Map65 running with Rx about +6 dB and 0% dropped
> packets.  The Rx level moves around about right as I change levels.
> But, Map65 doesn't decode anything and I can definitely see signals on
> the waterfall.
> In addition, after clicking on a  spot in the band, the lower part of
> the waterfall display doesn't show anything...just black.
> Lastly, the terminal window show this error at the end of every
> minute.
>    Error in iii:    49211262    49211312    49211728  1.44150768E+08
> 1.44151984E+08
>    Error in iii:    49170642    49170692    49171108  1.44031760E+08
> 1.44032976E+08
> This problem occurs on several computers, with both windows and linux
> version of Map65...so it's probably a Linrad setup problem.
> What am I missing???
> jeff, wa1hco.
> > 

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