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[Linrad] Re: message in logfile

Hi Rob,

> Thanks. It looks like the screen security and screensaver are causing
> this. I switched them off to see what will happen. Maybe there are
> more background process started at night.
Maybe. Look at the time when the error messages start. There
is presumably some interesting info in syslog or some other
log file that will give a hint about what the system was doing
at the time.

By the way, the error message seems to be written into several
log files messages, kern.log and syslog.

These errors are not reported back to Linrad. It would be
reasonably easy to change the Linux device driver so it 
could report these overrun errors, but I think it is
critical only for MAP65-IQ users and I believe they mostly
run under Windows. I do not know how to change DLLs.....

Line 109 in ft245.c looks like this:
static int debug = 0x007;

You can change it:
static int debug = 0;

That should prevent any messages from being written to logfiles.



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