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[Linrad] Re: message in logfile

Hi Leif,

Thanks. It looks like the screen security and screensaver are causing
this. I switched them off to see what will happen. Maybe there are
more background process started at night.

73 Rob

On 18 apr, 15:32, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> > I'am running linrad 3.05b on linux fedora 10 together with the sdr-iq.
> > Its runs very well but my messages logfile is becoming very large with
> > this line:
> > kernel: ft245: ft245_read_bulk_callback dropped 62 h/t/c 2/65534/65532
> > I noticed when running the system longer times (>5 hours) that
> > sometimes the usb connection with the sdr-iq is lost. I think the log
> > message is written when the computer wants to reconnect and is trying
> > again and again....
> > Any idea's how to stop this message?
> Something is wrong and you loose data. That may go un-noticed
> in Linrad, but it could cause loss of detect in case you use e.g.
> MAP65-IQ.
> I do not see any error messages under normal operation, but if I
> for example start the system monitor I get plenty of those messages
> when running the SDR-14 with a sampling speed of 197 kHz.
> At a lower speed, 95 kHz I get a dozen lines with error messages
> when starting the system monitor, each line saying the message is repeated  
> many times (50 to 250 times typically) Once the system monitor
> runs, there are no more errors. (While at 197 kHz errors occur each
> time the system monitor moves the traces.)
> The proper solution should be to not run other programs in parallel
> with Linrad in such a way that the input is corrupted. In case you
> really want to do that, have a look in ft245.c. The error messages are
> generated from there and you could comment them out and rerun make sdr14
> You then have to reboot or to reload the kernel module with these commands:
> /etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 stop
> /etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 start
> When you run ./configure, the original ft245.c will be restored.
> You may change ft245.c.in and then run ./configure for a permanent
> change.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
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