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[Linrad] Re: message in logfile

Hi Leif,

I have tested today and it was the screen security that was the cause
of the log messages. This initiates a kind of sleep mode.  I disabled
Also tested to run several programs parallel to linrad. Looked with
tail -f messages. This runs ok and no messages where written. No need
to change the driver.

Also runned wsjt parallel to linrad on the laptop with linrad using
the sdr-iq and wsjt using the internal soundcard. Had to disable
linrad output to the soundcard for this.
This is a interesting combination that runs very wel together on the
linux laptop.

Is there a way to output the selected frequency in the main waterfall?
I want to use this selected frequency to control my tranceiver via the
cat interface. I wrote a little perl program that to controls the trx
and it can read a file or requests via udp a frequency. Now using it
with "predict" satellite tracking program to request via udp the range
rate for a selected satellite/moon. This way I calculate the freq and
set the tranceiver.
It would be nice when linrad could support this method.
I was thinking that it would even more interesting to make also use of
linrads calculated afc frequency to control the tranceiver.

73 Rob

On 19 apr, 00:37, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> > Thanks. It looks like the screen security and screensaver are causing
> > this. I switched them off to see what will happen. Maybe there are
> > more background process started at night.
> Maybe. Look at the time when the error messages start. There
> is presumably some interesting info in syslog or some other
> log file that will give a hint about what the system was doing
> at the time.
> By the way, the error message seems to be written into several
> log files messages, kern.log and syslog.
> These errors are not reported back to Linrad. It would be
> reasonably easy to change the Linux device driver so it
> could report these overrun errors, but I think it is
> critical only for MAP65-IQ users and I believe they mostly
> run under Windows. I do not know how to change DLLs.....
> Line 109 in ft245.c looks like this:
> static int debug = 0x007;
> You can change it:
> static int debug = 0;
> That should prevent any messages from being written to logfiles.
> 73
> Leif
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