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[Linrad] Re: message in logfile

Hi Rob,

> I'am running linrad 3.05b on linux fedora 10 together with the sdr-iq.
> Its runs very well but my messages logfile is becoming very large with
> this line:
> kernel: ft245: ft245_read_bulk_callback dropped 62 h/t/c 2/65534/65532
> I noticed when running the system longer times (>5 hours) that
> sometimes the usb connection with the sdr-iq is lost. I think the log
> message is written when the computer wants to reconnect and is trying
> again and again....
> Any idea's how to stop this message?

Something is wrong and you loose data. That may go un-noticed
in Linrad, but it could cause loss of detect in case you use e.g. 

I do not see any error messages under normal operation, but if I
for example start the system monitor I get plenty of those messages
when running the SDR-14 with a sampling speed of 197 kHz. 
At a lower speed, 95 kHz I get a dozen lines with error messages
when starting the system monitor, each line saying the message is repeated  
many times (50 to 250 times typically) Once the system monitor
runs, there are no more errors. (While at 197 kHz errors occur each
time the system monitor moves the traces.)

The proper solution should be to not run other programs in parallel
with Linrad in such a way that the input is corrupted. In case you
really want to do that, have a look in ft245.c. The error messages are
generated from there and you could comment them out and rerun make sdr14
You then have to reboot or to reload the kernel module with these commands:
/etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 stop
/etc/linrad/usb_sdr14 start

When you run ./configure, the original ft245.c will be restored.
You may change ft245.c.in and then run ./configure for a permanent


Leif / SM5BSZ

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