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[Linrad] Re: Sound Card Terminology

Hi Tom,

> The HDA link is designed for sample rates of 48kHz. Variable sample
> rates are delivered in multiple or sub-multiple rates of 48kHz. Two
> sample blocks per frame result in a 96kHz delivery rate, one sample
> block over two frames results in a 24kHz delivery rate. The HDA
> specification states that the sample rate of the outbound stream be
> synchronized by the controller, not by the codec. Each stream has its
> own sample rate, independent of any other stream
> What does this mean?  How do I get "two sample blocks per frame"?  A
> table shows rates up to 192kHz.
> I think I do not understand this.
I am pretty sure I do not understand the text.

I do have a suspicion however. The soundcard samples 16 bit
stereo at 48 kHz. All the other alternatives that you might
see in Windows or under ALSA oss in Linux are conversions 
in software that could pretend to give you 24 bit at 96kHz 
or other things that may seem impressive but that are false
(and a waste of CPU resources)


  Leif / SM5BSZ

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