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[Linrad] Linrad-SDRIQ Clock Speed


I have recently updated my Linrad-SDRIQ web pages at
along with the linked pages of my parameter values and notes on those

The sampling rate of the SDR-IQ is nominally 66.666667MHz,
and when decimated by a factor of 700 for the Linrad-MAP65IQ
this leads to a sampling rate close to  95238Hz.

My SDR-IQ actually runs a little fast, by about 800Hz, so I am using a
value of -800Hz for SampleClockAdjust.
This doesn't actually change the clock frequency of the SDR-IQ, but it
certainly makes Linrad read correctly!
I note that the file par_userint holds a value for "Rx ad speed" of
95236, and that this value changes
according to the value of SampleClockAdjust - it is 95238 with zero
adjustment applied.

I also see that the file par_ssb holds a parameter "A/D speed" equal
to 95236, and that this value does not seem to change with the value
of SampleClockAdjust. What is this, how is it different from "Rx ad
speed", and why is (nearly) the same value stored in two separate

Just curious!

Guy  VK2KU
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