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[Linrad] Re: Giving up on SDR-IQ and Moving to Sound Card

Hi Tom,

> I will run any test you want with the SDR-IQ.  You may have to send me a
> setup file and guide me thru it.

Here is a test package. Try it as your inthoution leads you
and report back whatever seems unexpected.

The silly error of setting minimum decimation numbers that
you did turned out to be very helpful. It caused Linrad to
allocate memory 8 MHz which caused overflow in 32 bit arithmetics.
That could have created problems with the Perseus that runs at 2 MHz
(with 4 times longer storage times) and it could have brrn much 
less obvious what was the problem. Now, these 32 bit arithmetics will
not overflow (storage times become limited.) which is good for
the future. It is also not possible to set far too small decimation 
rates for SDR-IQ.

I have changed the routine that reads from the USB. It may
now report "overrun error" in some of the situations that would
have caused the 1284 error in earlier versions of linrad.

I have not yet done anything about the clear_baseb bug, but it
should occur only when you operate the mouse to change memory
allocations while listening to a signal.



> Tom
> > 

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