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[Linrad] Re: Linrad 03.05b and SDR-IQ

Hi Thomas,

> I want to view a waterfall and an FFT centered at 12KHz with a 24KHz
> bandwidth or from 0 to 24KHz. 
This is not possible. There is no standard hardware that
goes all the way down to DC. If you would be happy with a bandwidth
of something like 20Hz to 24kHz it is easy. I do not think you can
use the SDR-IQ at these low frequencies. The specification is
10kHz and upwards. You should just use a soundcard.

> I want to view signals from the noise
> floor to say -50db.

-50 dB what? You must specify relative to something. 

You will have to connect an analog signal source to the soundcard
and it is a separate issue to select the soundcard you need depending
on the requirements you have and to tailor the analog frontend to
match the soundcard input.

Since you want all the way up to 24 kHz you must use a soundcard that
can sample well above 40 kHz. Standard is 96 kHz.

> I want to have the waterfall advance at some slow
> rate that I do not know how to specify.
You will easily find out once you have your soundcard running
with an input signal. (There is an F1 help)

> How do I set the center frequency and the bandwidth?  Or, am I asking
> the wrong question?
I do not know what you want to do. It seems pretty unusual to me...

In case you want to listen to a CW station, just click it with the mouse
in the waterfall. For bandwidth settings, investigate the baseband
graph (green dB scale) with F1.

If you describe what you really want to do and why I might be
able to supply better advice.


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