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[Linrad] Re: Linrad 03.05b Bug

Hello Tom,

> I am a newbie at both Linrad and SDR-IQ. I have lots of computer
> experience.
Good:-) I apprciate your feedback and will make some some changes based on it.

> I downloaded and built Linrad-03-05b.  It seems to function.  I think
> I have a problem in getting it to work, 

> but, that may be my ignorance.
Yes. It is good that you write about those things where you first stumble.
Some modifications I can do will make it less likely that other
newcommers stumble in the same way:-)

> > ./configure
> > make xlinrad
> > sudo ./xlinrad
> The global params setup seemed Ok.  I saved the parameters.
> Then, I used U - setup for RX.  Linrad found my SDR-IQ.  Not
> understanding how to use linrad with the SDR, I accepted mostly
> defaults.
Hmmm, there are no defaults here, but I can enter the decimation
numbers you used although I have an ADR-14 and no SDR-IQ.

> When I clicked CONTINUE, I received an error message and linrad exited
> after I pressed a key.  The message repeats and was:
Now, it is not obvious what you did. Presumably you have made
an exit from the A/D and D/A setup, saved parameters and selected
one of the receive modes. That would mean that you have entered
a parameter setup screen and that you clicked CONTINUE to accept
a set of parameters.

> [1125]routine:mem file:modesub.c
> Tried to allocate an array with size less than zero
> This is a Bug
Well, it is a user error that generates an error exit.
I have not been able to reproduce it, when I try I get various
other errors but they all have in common that they do not give
any hint about the nature of the problem.

The next Linrad version will not allow decimation numbers that
give a far too high sampling rate:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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