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[Linrad] Linrad 03.05b and SDR-IQ

I have an SDR-IQ and Linrad 03.05b on Ubuntu 8.10...

Linrad finds the SDR-IQ and allows me to select it.  Beyond that, my
lack of knowledge stops me.

I have used the SDR-IQ with SV, but, DO NOT LIKE WINDOWS.

I want to use the SDR for general DX observations.  My current
is in the VLF part of the spectrum.

I have made several attempts to get an FFT plus waterfall display like
is available in the SV combo mode.  I have been unsuccessful.

I have read some of the posts on this group as well as Leif's
web site.  I think this has been covered in great detail, I just
seem to find it or, if I have found it, cannot understand it.

Can anyone point me to a document that will lead me by the hand?


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