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[Linrad] Re: Perseus Linrad Map65-iq Problems

Hi Eric,

> About a week ago I installed map65-iq r1102 and the proper linrad
> version for perseus.
> Everything worked fine immediately ( Unfortunately up to now my
> knowledge on both programmes
> is rather limited) . After about 30min time the link between the two
> programmes broke (no rx data).
> Often  I get a Rx A/D error as well from Linrad. Trying the different
> version of Linrad that appeared
You should NEVER see Rx A/D errors from Linrad. Try it first
without map65 for a couple of hours. If you still see Rx A/D errors, 
remove running programs that you do not need. If that does not
help, try to increase the priority for Linrad.

If that does not help we need advice from someone who is familiar 
with Windows. I work under Linux......

Search the Internet for the term "bloatware." Maybe that would help
to find the source of the problems.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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