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[Linrad] Perseus Linrad Map65-iq Problems

Hello everybody

About a week ago I installed map65-iq r1102 and the proper linrad
version for perseus.
Everything worked fine immediately ( Unfortunately up to now my
knowledge on both programmes
is rather limited) . After about 30min time the link between the two
programmes broke (no rx data).
Often  I get a Rx A/D error as well from Linrad. Trying the different
version of Linrad that appeared
until today did not change the problem at all.

Today I installed the same two programmes on a different machine. At
first with the same success like a week ago. But later on the same
happend as well . I got the red banner ( no rx data) from
map65-iq again.

In both cases the latest version of the necessary files for perseus
were installed and the 95kHz
option was used.

Are there any suggestions how to solve the problem?

vy 73s de DK6UG, Eric

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