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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-not-IQ display oddities and doesn't decode

Garrrgh!...don't hit tab in the web version of linrad group at google
groups... continuing the post below...

On Apr 4, 2:29 pm, "jeff, wa1hco" <wa1...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One more thing about my messed up map65 waterfall screen shot.  The spectrum
> only goes from 100 to 155 when Joe's screen shot at


show a full 96 KHz of bandwidth.  What's up with that???

My windows XP install does has a problem where it seems to want to
convert all
audio to 48 kHz sampling rate.  For example using a sound card at 96
kHz in
linrad only shows +/-24 KHz of active spectrum, the rest looks
filtered out.  Does MAP65
pick up information about the bandwidth from windows and maybe get

I'm still trying to make this work, it will really help in the June
VHF contest.


jeff, wa1hco

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