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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-not-IQ display oddities and doesn't decode

One more thing about this map65 waterfall screen shot.  The spectrum
only goes from 100 to 155 when Joe's screen shot at

On Apr 3, 8:58 am, jeff millar <wa1...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Guys...thanks for your help so far.
> I'm sending this email again with a link to the image.  The reflector
> seems to eat emails with attachments.
> MAP65-not-IQ now runs stably with Linrad and unicast. The waterfall
> display shows the band, but something about the calibration of
> frequencies seems off.   Please look at the following screen capture
>        http://picasaweb.google.com/wa1hco/EME#
> Notice the following in the image...
>     * QSO on 144.130 according to ping jockey (W7MEM) and my IC-746
>     * Linrad waterfall (not shown) shows EME signal on .131-.132 (USB
>       1KHz tones, etc)
>     * EME signal shows up on the MAP65 upper display between .129 and
>       .130 ???
>     * Green cursor on upper at .130
>     * Signals on lower display show at 250 Hz up from 0 Hz
> The softrock has it's central peak at .125 and that displays
> correctly on the linrad waterfall.  Central peak on the MAP65 display
> shows up at .122.5.  The frequency box in linrad show 144.125,
> apparently rounded from the "freq" parameter in par_ssb_fg
> at [144.12495600000].
> In addition to these oddities, MAP65 doesn't decode, even with signals
> strong enough to hear by ear.  I thought maybe IQ got reversed but the
> signal generator shows up on the right frequencies in linrad and about
> right in MAP65.  The lower graph shows sync on the left and data tones
> on the right, which matches what WSJT shows.
> Maybe someone recognizes how I've managed to mess this up.  I'm soooo
> close.
> One last bug report.  If I close the band and messages windows, the
> command window show some errors with "tkinter" in them and the main
> MAP65 window stops working... but the waterfall continues normally.
> thanks,
> jeff, wa1hco

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