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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.05

Hi Guy,

> I am having trouble getting Linrad v3.05 to run.
> I had a brief "play" earlier today.
> The prompt about sampling frequency correction is not very explicit,
> no units or limits stated, but I am assuming that what is wanted is
> the
> clock frequency correction (or error, which is the opposite) in Hz.
> There seems to be an upper limit of 10000, but no lower limit.
The lower limit is -9999 (I changed it to -10000 for pedagogic reasons...)
Also replaced correction by shift to make (Hz) become visible;-)

> My sampling frequency is in fact about 850Hz low at 66.7MHz.
> I tried entering 800, -800 and even zero.
> The entry is accepted and can be saved.
> But then Linrad complains about having zero sampling frequency,
> and then hangs!
> Am I doing something stupid? Probably!
No. I did.

I have now uploaded 03-05a which I hope will be OK.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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