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[Linrad] MAP65-not-IQ display oddities and doesn't decode

Guys...thanks for your help so far.

I'm sending this email again with a link to the image.  The reflector
seems to eat emails with attachments.

MAP65-not-IQ now runs stably with Linrad and unicast. The waterfall
display shows the band, but something about the calibration of
frequencies seems off.   Please look at the following screen capture
Notice the following in the image...

    * QSO on 144.130 according to ping jockey (W7MEM) and my IC-746
    * Linrad waterfall (not shown) shows EME signal on .131-.132 (USB
      1KHz tones, etc)
    * EME signal shows up on the MAP65 upper display between .129 and
      .130 ???
    * Green cursor on upper at .130
    * Signals on lower display show at 250 Hz up from 0 Hz

The softrock has it's central peak at .125 and that displays
correctly on the linrad waterfall.  Central peak on the MAP65 display
shows up at .122.5.  The frequency box in linrad show 144.125,
apparently rounded from the "freq" parameter in par_ssb_fg
at [144.12495600000].

In addition to these oddities, MAP65 doesn't decode, even with signals
strong enough to hear by ear.  I thought maybe IQ got reversed but the
signal generator shows up on the right frequencies in linrad and about
right in MAP65.  The lower graph shows sync on the left and data tones
on the right, which matches what WSJT shows.

Maybe someone recognizes how I've managed to mess this up.  I'm soooo

One last bug report.  If I close the band and messages windows, the
command window show some errors with "tkinter" in them and the main
MAP65 window stops working... but the waterfall continues normally.


jeff, wa1hco

Joe Taylor wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I expect that your problem may have to do with Linrad not knowing 
> anything about the frequency that your SoftRock is receiving.  
> Therefore   Linrad can't send correct frequency information to MAP65.  
> MAP65 expects to see a center frequency label as part of each data 
> packet received from Linrad.
> I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes; next week I'll be home 
> again and will make you a special version of MAP65 that should let you 
> operate this way.  In the meantime, you might let us know what 
> frequency your Softrock is tuned to.  Is it constant?  Do you have 1 
> 144-to-28 (or some such) converter ahead of it?
>     -- 73, Joe, K1JT
> jeff millar wrote:
>> Here's some more information about the crash of MAP65 under Win XP

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