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[Linrad] Re: Linrad from scratch

Hello Yury,

> Ok, I figured how to switch off direct sound and linrad is working
> now. Looks ok but in a few minutes of work it crashes with
> "Segmentation Fault" I tried the old version, and it doesnt crash but
> it is very slow, would like to play with the new one. tried 03.03 and
> 03.04 both with the same crash problem. Googled a bit for this problem
> found a lot of posts about older versions having these crashes, dont
> really know what is the reason, but it happens now and them when i
> start actively click on different areas of the screen. Is there
> anything I can do to get rid of this annoying problem?

Yes. Every time you see a segmentation fault, save all the parameter
files in a separate directory, then try to make the segmentation 
fault happen again by repeating what you did to get it.

With some luck you will be able to produce reproducible errors and
then you should be able to send me the parameter files and a description
how to get the error. Once I can reproduce the segfault here I will
track it down and eliminate it. (Some times introducing new errors...)

The segment fault means that Linrad tries to access memory that is not
allocated for Linrad. This can happen when a graph is resized and
memory re-allocated. Linrad is multi-threaded and all threads that
might use the arrays belonging to the re-sized window have to be 
stopped during the resize procedure. Linrad was not built
for multi-threading from start.....

Segment faults can occur due to several other types of programming 
errors. Please do your best to get rid of them by finding a way
to make them reproducible - then they will not be present in the
next Linrad version:-)


   Leif / SM5BSZ

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