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[Linrad] Obsolete

Hi All,

The amount of obsolete information on my site is growing and
perhaps the time has come to delete old things about Linrad
that might create confusion for newcomers. I have very seldomly
removed anything because of the way my own mind works.
I may remember that long ago I have seen something related 
to a problem that I suddenly face and those times it was somewhere
in a book I could usually find it again. Things that were available 
10 years ago on the Internet are often not there any more - and
I fail to find any other site that has the same information.

Far too much information that is not relevant to newcomers is
probably counterproductive. Maybe it is time to remove everything
related to old Linux kernels and computers older than Pentium III?

Presumably Pentium II and older are used only by enthusiasts who
know how to squeeze modern Linux into them (Easy with e.g. Debian)
so there would be no reason to have any information about how to
patch 2.2 kernels for 16 bit MMX and such things.

Before I start to remove things permanently I would like to see
some comments here on the mailing lists about what you think I should
not remove (out of things relating to old softwares and old hardwares)
There is even still SDR code for MSDOS on my site.....

I will have to get a new computer some day. Currently I have problems
with the Perseus HF receiver. I can run it well with blanker and all
at 2 MHz on my laptop that has Centrino Duo, but I can not read or 
write files at 2 MHz on the laptop. The hard disk is too slow.

The stationary Pentium IV has no problems reading and writing at
2 MHz, but I can run Linrad with the blankers only if I do not
use any windows for FFT1 and FFT2 and yet cpu usage is 87%. 
To be able to place a stationary Quad Core somewhere I would 
have to get rid of my Pentium MMX (and Pentium 1 which 
fits in the same cabinet.) Maybe it would be more clever to
junk the Pentium II under the assumption that things that work
on Pentium MMX do not need a check on the Pentium II?

It is easy to become sentimental vs old hardware, but with time
it becomes impractical. Newcomers seem to use Ubuntu these days.
What is the oldest generation hardware that can easily be used
with Ubuntu? Do you think it will be wise to junk anything
older than that? Or are there people outside EU and USA who still
use things like Pentium MMX with old softwares like Win 98 or
Mandrake 8? 



 Leif / SM5BSZ

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