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[Linrad] Re: Obsolete

the wayback machine preserves your old information .. delete with enthusiasm!


de w1rt/john

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Leif Asbrink <leif@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All,
> The amount of obsolete information on my site is growing and
> perhaps the time has come to delete old things about Linrad
> that might create confusion for newcomers. I have very seldomly
> removed anything because of the way my own mind works.
> I may remember that long ago I have seen something related
> to a problem that I suddenly face and those times it was somewhere
> in a book I could usually find it again. Things that were available
> 10 years ago on the Internet are often not there any more - and
> I fail to find any other site that has the same information.
> Far too much information that is not relevant to newcomers is
> probably counterproductive. Maybe it is time to remove everything
> related to old Linux kernels and computers older than Pentium III?
> Presumably Pentium II and older are used only by enthusiasts who
> know how to squeeze modern Linux into them (Easy with e.g. Debian)
> so there would be no reason to have any information about how to
> patch 2.2 kernels for 16 bit MMX and such things.
> Before I start to remove things permanently I would like to see
> some comments here on the mailing lists about what you think I should
> not remove (out of things relating to old softwares and old hardwares)
> There is even still SDR code for MSDOS on my site.....
> I will have to get a new computer some day. Currently I have problems
> with the Perseus HF receiver. I can run it well with blanker and all
> at 2 MHz on my laptop that has Centrino Duo, but I can not read or
> write files at 2 MHz on the laptop. The hard disk is too slow.
> The stationary Pentium IV has no problems reading and writing at
> 2 MHz, but I can run Linrad with the blankers only if I do not
> use any windows for FFT1 and FFT2 and yet cpu usage is 87%.
> To be able to place a stationary Quad Core somewhere I would
> have to get rid of my Pentium MMX (and Pentium 1 which
> fits in the same cabinet.) Maybe it would be more clever to
> junk the Pentium II under the assumption that things that work
> on Pentium MMX do not need a check on the Pentium II?
> It is easy to become sentimental vs old hardware, but with time
> it becomes impractical. Newcomers seem to use Ubuntu these days.
> What is the oldest generation hardware that can easily be used
> with Ubuntu? Do you think it will be wise to junk anything
> older than that? Or are there people outside EU and USA who still
> use things like Pentium MMX with old softwares like Win 98 or
> Mandrake 8?
> Comments???
>  73
>  Leif / SM5BSZ
> >

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