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[Linrad] Re: inrad from scratch

brack <bodybuilders@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok,  read and followed site instructions for initial setup of Linrad,
> and compiled 03.03 without problems under ubuntu. I have two sound
> devices attached to pc - one is on board chip and the other is sb16. I
> have conventional receiver plugged into sb16's line in, and headphones
> are plugged into on-board's line out. I setup linrad's input device
> sb16 and output on-board, did that because if I plug headphones and
> radio in the same device, I hear signal from radio all the time and
> dont have a slightest idea how to disable it.  
You must use a mixer program to set volume controls and various
switches on the soundcard. There is alsamixer, alsamixergui,
GNOME ALSA mixer, gamix and others. What sb16 stands for
is unclear to me - I am afraid that many different cards were
sold with that label.

Having two soundcards under alsa means that you should specify
what order the devices should be numbered. Read z_ALSA.txt

Under ALSA-oss it is not easy to know which device belongs
to which card - and the order changes on re-boot if you did
not specify what order you want.

By installing the alsa development package you get access to
native alsa that will tell you explicitly what hardware
each driver is for. 

> Linrad shows for some
> reason the message, when I choose input/output device, that the system
> uses OSS or Alsa-OSS but I know that I didnt do any changes to the
> system, and oss packages are not installed, so, I suppose I use alsa.
You then use alsa-oss.

> Anyway, the result of all my following the manual, is the silence in
> headphones and no signal on linrad's screen. What do i do wrong? how
> to set this thing up? any help appreciated.
The easiest thing to do first might be to be to play a recorded file.
Download e.g. unkn422.wav to e.g. /home/user/wavlib
(zipped here: http://www.af9y.com/radio30.htm)
and place a file "adwav" in your linrad directory with the following
/home/user/wavlib/unkn422.wav /home/user/wavlib/u422
The first file name has to be the full name of the file to play.
The second file name specifies that Linrad should remember
the parameters you select at this separate location and not make
changes to the parameters that you use with your hardware.

You might be interested to look here

To play the file press '2' on the main menu. You should
see something on screen.

You may now select a signal by clicking the mouse on
some point in the spectrum. That should produce sound
output provided that none of the volume controls is zero.

The volume in Linrad is the red bar in the baseband graph
(green dB scale) The little square at the left should
be white and moving. Not red ant at the top (overload)
and not green at the bottom (no signal)

If you do not hear anything it might be a good idea to 
check whether the default .wav player in Ubuntu can
produce output.

You may try the other soundcard.
Then use 'U' to select another device and look for
output on both loudspeaker connectors. You should find
something somewhere. That should help you to understand
your system and to get started with using a mixer program.


    Leif / SM5BSZ

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